Our engagements

1.Authenticity and quality

Before being offered to you, all our watches pass into the hands of our watchmaking craftsmen in order to be completely revised and certified authentic.

If needed, only the original parts are used. We guarantee you 100% original watches.


2. Guarantee and serenity

Whatever your choice from our collection, your watch has a free one-year warranty, which can be extended to 2 years thanks to our Adt + warranty.

All our repairs are also guaranteed one year with possibility of extension.

3.Facility and personalization

You have the possibility to choose the bracelet of your watch. In order to offer you the best, a Bouveret bracelet collection has been specially designed.


4.Delivery and payment

Our means of payment and delivery are fully protected, so you can use our services safely.

All our deliveries are free for Belgium.

5. Trust

As a watchmaker, our goal is to make you benefit from our experience, over 10 years old, to answer your questions and guide you to what will be best.

building a long-term relationship with our customers is one of our priorities, made possible by our qualified staff and our full range of services and products related to the world of watchmaking.

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