Since 2004, the Artisan Du Temps is a professional company in the world of watchmaking collectibles. It is by working at the workbench that we appreciate and know the beautiful mechanics, and not by learning the catalogs by heart, as do many simple watch merchants.

Our workshop is independent of brands, it allows us not to depend on them and to work in our own way on your time. All the supplies used are original, all worn, tired parts are changed except aesthetic supplies such as dial, hands, etc ...
A team of passionate and specialized craftsmen is at your service, our watchmakers are qualified. They have a knowledge and a watchmaking know-how that allows them to give the perfect advice when restoring your watch. We can take care of all types of repairs, from the simplest to the most delicate. The workshop is composed of several workstations, dedicated to the repair of vintage or recent quality watches as well as repairs of beautiful clocks.
Our workshop is very well equipped, old tools alongside modern tools, which allows a quality technical approach to the repair of your timepiece. We also have a large selection of works dealing with vintage and collectible watches as well as clocks, which you can consult on request.
Feel free to come Visit us, and ask us for an experienced opinion on your watch!

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Leather strap replacement

Manufacture of high-end custom leather bracelets

Test sealing

Replacement / Manufacture of glasses

Polishing and ultrasonic cleaning

1 year minimum warranty

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