Custom made straps

Since 2016, we have created a partnership with Bouveret Paris for the creation of our wristwatches. They are made entirely handcrafted and are up to the quality of our collector watches. With the help of our team, you can create the bracelet of you dream. Their knowledges will leave you a great freedom of personalization. All leathers are genuine, anti-allergic and tailor-made!

Label Artisan du temps

During your visit in our shop, you will be able to appreciate our collection of leather straps. The collection was created with standardized sizes, based on the luxury watches we sell, to allow you to change a bracelet directly without having to wait for a custom order.

Our available straps

A wide range of skins and a large color chart are available, from the alligator to the lizard, the ostrich and many others... You will find for sure the one that suits your vintage watch or collection watch. The length, the type and the color of the stitches, the cut, the thickness, the bending, the perforations, or even the finishing of the tip can be modified according to your wishes...

Carrying case - Transportation case

The perfect gift for a watch collector!
They allow to store and protect their watch collections.
A partnership with Avel and Men was launched in April 2016. The company manufactures many leather accessories around sailing. Handcrafted in full grain leather, these transportations cases can accommodate 1, 3 or 6 watches and are available in three colors...

Other products

Avel and Men offers other signature products also designed in full grain leather. In addition to carrying bags, you will discover belts and backpacks finished with a exceptional quality.

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