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What date of manufacture for your watch ? 

Here is a simple and practical table, sorted by brand, which will allow you to evaluate the date of manufacture of your watch via its serial numbers or via its movement number. Be careful though, do not confuse manufacturing date and sales dates that are different. The date of sale is visible on the original warranty card if you still have it.
NB : some brands offer you to deliver a paid archive extract with as much information as they have on your watch.

The serial numbers are usually engraved visibly either on the bottom of the watch, between the handles, or on the back of a handle. However, from time to time it may be necessary to open the watch to have access to the serial number, this must be done professionally and with the appropriate tools.

For the movement number, that is to say the number that is engraved on the mechanics of the watch, it is necessary to open the watch for access, it must also be done professionally and with the appropriate tools.

Our tables are given as an indication, it may be that some informations are slightly different from reality. We strive to always keep them up to date, do not hesitate to tell us different information.


When your watch has a certain value, it is important to have a valid certificate of expertise, and to report it to your insurance to be sure to be properly reimbursed in the event of a disaster... We can take care of it (more informations).

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