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A real passion for watchmaking since 2004.

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At the origin of Artisan du Temps, there is Gilles Clavareau. This enthusiast young men leaves at the age of 16 to study watchmaking in France. As soon as he gets back in Belgium, he sets up a restoration workshop in the attic of the family home. Very quickly, he seizes the opportunity to open his own shop. The workshop moves, and Gilles can then develop the purchase and sale of collectible watches. The displays are always full, and to provide a better service to his customers, he surrounds himself slowly with a team of confidence, professional as like him in watchmaking.

The watchmakers of Artisan du Temps are very well equipped, the old tools are next to the modern tools, which allows a quality technical approach to the repair of your timepiece. We also have a large selection of books about vintage and collectible watches as well as clocks, that you can consult on request.

The shop now has a prestigious collection of vintage and collectible watches. They are all perfectly authentic, controlled, revised and always sold with a 2 years warranty! The workshop is composed of several workstations, dedicated to the repair of vintage or recent quality watches as well as the repair of beautiful clocks.

Feel free to come visit us, and ask us for an experienced opinion on your watch !


A team of passionate and specialized craftsmen is at your service, our watchmakers are qualified. They have a thorough knowledge and a watchmaking know-how that allows them to give the perfect advice when buying or selling, or how best to take care of your rare and precious watches. It is by working at the workbench that we appreciate and know the beautiful mechanics, and not by learning the catalogs by heart, as do many simple watch merchants.








Watchmaker - Workshop Manager


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Phone : +32 2 345 56 88
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Phone : +32 2 345 56 88
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IT & Administration


Phone : +32 2 345 56 88
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Gilles is the founder of the company. Expert and watchmaker since he was 16, he is also a collector! Passionate without limit, he travels a lot to find beautiful vintage watches, keep up with trends and their quote. He also works at the workbench and deals with the restoration of prestigious watches and the most delicate repairs.

Sylvain is Gilles' right hand man. He takes care of the servicising of the vintage watches and the polishing so that they are perfect once on the display or on your wrist. He is also a graduate of HRD Antwerp and is expert in diamonds and colored stones. He is pleased to welcome you in our store.

As a qualified watchmaker, Xavier already has a good career to his credit. He has worked in Rolex and Omega-approved watchmaking, but also for the Breitling after sales service in Belgium. He is a true enthusiast of fine watchmaking mechanics.

Graduated from a French school, Matis joined l’Artisan du Temps at various occasions and stayed to be an integral part of the team.  Passionate about Rolex where he’s also done an internship, Matis has a special affection for the brand during revisions.

Graduated from a French school, Tualig reached the Artisan du Temps at various internships and stayed to be an integral part of the team. Specializing in polishing, he does wonders with your vintage or recent watches. He also deals with the restoration of clocks.

Trained computer programmer, administrative manager at the European Commission in the past, Damiano is indispensable to the shop. It is the man who handles all the daily paperwork as well as the computer of the company!

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