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In the event of theft, it is important to have a valid certificate for the insurer.



The oral estimates in store are free, so do not hesitate to submit an object to have a professional opinion on it. In case of theft for example, it is important to have a valid certificate for the insurer, so we offer a expertise:

- The complete expertise, within the framework of sale, auction, inheritance, sharing and others...

This certificate of authenticity includes :

  • A technical and aesthetic description of the characteristics of your watch as well as its year of manufacture.

  • Its current price as new in store (if the watch is still available for sale).

  • A report of delay (early - late).

  • A series of photos of the object.

  • At the price of 120 € (possible reduction in the framework of partnership with certain insurances).

  • This document will be provided after the physical examination of your watch by our experts, it takes 1-2 opening days at the store.

  • Once the document has been received, you will have to send it to your insurer to ensure that it is covered correctly. Namely, we keep a computer trace of each certificate. If you lose the document, a copy can be returned to you. If the expertise is old, we will suggest you to re-evaluate it.


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