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Your watch interests us!  


At L'Artisan du Temps, in addition to watch repairs and services, we specialize in the purchase and sale of timepieces. If you have a watch that you want to sell, whether or not for a new purchase, we can give you an estimate of its value in the case of a buyout or an exchange.


To do this, nothing easier; 

- Fill out the form below, 

- WhatsApp 0032498686424, 

- Or by email:  


We strive to answer you as quickly as possible, after analyzing the value of your watch.

Vendre ma montre / Sell my watch

Comment souhaitez-vous vendre votre montre ? / How would you like to sell your watch?
Avez-vous la boîte d'origine ? / Do you have the original box ?
Avez-vous les papiers (garantie) d'origine ? / Do you have the original papers (guarantee) ?
Avez-vous acheté votre montre à L'Artisan du Temps ? / Was your watch purchased from L'Artisan du Temps ?
Dans quel état est votre montre ? / What is the condition of your watch ?
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